About Us

Balloonopolis has been serving happy customers since 2006. Our goal has always been to create joy and happiness through our unique balloon decor and entertainment. Since the very beginning, we have strived to make the best and most creative balloon art we know how, while at the same time continually challenging ourselves with new and exciting projects

How it all started

Balloonopolis started with Shawn and Janice Mewborn, two balloon columns at the new Home Depot at the Village at Sandhill, and making balloon animals at the local Texas Roadhouse. We’ve come a long way since then. You can now find us making balloon art in six area restaurants, we do balloon décor all over South Carolina, and we’ve become an exhibit at the South Carolina State Fair since 2014.

Balloonopolis has grown over the years and now includes multiple family members, as well as friends who couldn’t resist the fun of working with such a great medium that  can make so many people happy.

Thank you so much for being such a big part of our red carpet event! The attendees obviously were so excited to see you there and your presence at the entrance was perfect! We hope you’ll work with us again soon!  Stefanie C

Thanks SO MUCH for your professionalism and service! The kids loved the balloons!! We will definitely use you again! 😉  Erica G