Balloon Arch

Why a Balloon Arch

A balloon arch creates excitement. It’s the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your event, so it sets the mood and sparks anticipation. The versatility of arches means that they can fit almost anywhere, and be any color and style you want.

With a huge variety of balloon colors offered, balloon arches can match your color scheme.  And we offer a few different shapes of arches. The standard curved arch is our most popular arch, but the star-shaped, and heart-shaped arches are becoming popular also. We can even create a custom-shaped arch if you want.

What Size Arch Do I Need?

Here are some things to think about if you’re considering an arch.

    1. What shape do you want? The most common arch is the curved double-door arch, but the star-shaped and the heart-shaped arches are also popular.
    2. Where is it going to be located? Is it going to be inside or outside?
    3. What is the width of your space? Is the arch going in front of doors, or across a road? Or will it be used as a photography backdrop?
    4. What is the height at the center your space? The finished arch should not touch the ceiling.

I Don’t Know Which Arch to Choose

If you don’t know what kind of arch you want, or you would like some more ideas, then please call us at 803-386-1543. We are happy to help you get the perfect arch to create exactly the right mood for your event. Or you can email us at


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