Balloon Centerpiece

Why a Balloon Centerpiece

A balloon centerpiece is the showcase of your table, and creates a huge “WOW” factor.  In a venue with high ceilings, centerpieces with helium balloons attached will fill the room with color and make your space feel more intimate. We can also create centerpieces for smaller venues that will still delight your guests. Whether your event is elegant or whimsical, a balloon centerpiece adds just the right touch.

Types of Centerpieces

There are three primary types of centerpieces. Cocktail table, dinner table, and buffet table centerpieces are the styles for which we receive the largest number of requests.  Cocktail table centerpieces need to be small and compact.  Dinner table centerpieces should leave a gap from 14-22″ off the table so as not to block the vision of your guests as they talk to one another across the table.  Buffet table centerpieces can be much wider and taller, as well as more elaborate and decorative.  We will work with you to coordinate all the centerpieces to create a cohesive theme, even if you need all three styles at one event.

I Don’t Know Which Centerpiece I Want

If you want to have balloon centerpieces, but you don’t what you want, let us help you.  We will work with you to create the centerpiece you want for your event. We can match your party’s theme and colors. And if you have a design in mind already, we can help you create your vision.

Call or text us at 803-386-1543, email us at, or fill out the contact form, and let us help you create the perfect balloon centerpieces for your event.

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