Balloon Columns

Why Use Balloon Columns

Balloon Columns are a great way to get the party started! Put them at the entrance of your venue and they create excitement for your guests. Use them inside your venue and they add height and color, and even sparkle to your theme.

The great thing about columns is that they are easily customizable so you can have whatever style you want. Traditionally the most common style of column was 6-ft. tall with a 3-ft. balloon on top. But nowadays, just about anything goes. You can add a theme-based foil balloon to the top of a column. Or we can make an “Explosion” column, which is topped with 48-50 long skinny balloons in the colors of your choice. Or we can create a column based on your theme and colors. And the size of your column is only limited by the height of the ceiling of your venue.

I Don’t Know Which Balloon Column to Choose

Balloon Columns are great for both indoor and outdoor events, and can be an economical alternative to a traditional balloon arch. But if you don’t know exactly what kind of column you want, or you would like some more ideas, then please call us at 803-386-1543. We are happy to help you get the perfect column to create exactly the right mood for your event. Or you can email us at

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