Numbers and Letters

Balloon Numbers and Letters

Balloon numbers and letters create a huge impact, and will add that extra “Wow” to your event. Whether you want jumbo helium foil balloons strung across a stage or an 8-foot tall celebration year to be used as a backdrop, commemorate your special event with balloon numbers and letters from Balloonopolis.

The Party Shoppe by Balloonopolis

If you’re looking for foil numbers for a special birthday or occasion, then you can find them at The Party Shoppe by Balloonopolis. We carry every numeral in gold, silver, pink, blue, silver holographic, and funky stars. From there you can add latex balloons or other foil balloons to your number and make a complete balloon bouquet.

Come and see us at The Party Shoppe at 5175 Sunset Blvd., in Lexington.  Or you can contact us at 803.490.7315 or, and we’ll have your order ready for you when you want it.