Balloon Twisting and Entertainment

We’ve been around a long time, so we know what a pain it can be to coordinate with so many different entertainers at the same time for an event. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of the most sought after and highly regarded professional face painters, magicians, and caricature artists in the Midlands. Let Balloonopolis be your one-stop-shop for entertainment to make your event spectacular.

We also offer Bubbles, Fairy Hair, Glitter Tattoos, and Balloon Photo Frames, which are huge hits at any event.

Note on booking entertainment.  We are happy to take last minute bookings when available, but it’s always best to book early.  The spring and fall months are our busiest time of year, so we recommend that you book as soon as you have a date. For March-May and September-November it’s best to book 2-3 months in advance.

Balloon Twisting

Our balloon twisters have been putting smiles on people’s faces for nearly 20 years. They are polite, prompt, and professional. But they’re also fun! Oh, and talented. Which means they can pretty much make anything to suit any occasion.

But what you’ll notice is how popular they are. Our balloon twisters are the hit of any event because who doesn’t love balloon animals. That’s why, over the years, we’ve been invited to lots of birthday parties, corporate family fun days, school and church festivals, tailgate events, grand openings, tradeshows and more.

But our balloons don’t delight just children. We encourage everyone to join the fun. We’re a regular at many USC events, including Bustle at the Russell to kick off the new school year. The students love showing off their balloons! We’ve also twisted at elegant gala events and wedding receptions, entertaining with bracelets, rings, and hats for adults.

At Balloonopolis, we love making balloon art for both the young and young at heart.

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Face Painting

We have the best team of face painters who use their art to make magic. At festivals, carnivals, birthday parties, and special occasions of all kinds, they transform children (and adults!) into fanciful creatures, superheroes, or even their favorite animals. 

For any event, face painting creates a festive atmosphere, providing a unique activity that allows guests to express themselves in creative and imaginative ways. But face painting is not only a great addition to any event because it’s just plain fun, it’s also a memorable keepsake, leaving a lasting impression on happy guests of every age. Who doesn’t love wearing a mask, adding an element of surprise and playfulness to an already fantastic occasion.

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Our magician extraordinaire delights everyone not only with his amazing sleight-of-hand, but also his contagiously high energy! Entertaining and funny, he has been captivating crowds for many years, and his skill in magic is second-to-none.

He awes guests at festivals, carnivals, family fun days, baseball games, birthday parties, or any special occasion you can think of.

Whether it’s roving magic, tableside side magic, or a complete stage magic show, our magician delivers a sense of wonder and amazement, and will put joy and laughter in your heart every time.

We always receive the highest compliments from his performances.

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Fairy Hair

Fairy hair adds a touch of magic to events, making attendees feel whimsical and special. It’s like wearing a sprinkle of fairy dust, creating a unique and enchanting experience that adds to the overall fun and atmosphere of the occasion.

Fairy Hair is a sparkling addition to birthday parties, wedding receptions, intimate gatherings, holiday parties and any celebration that is indoors.

We weave Fairy Hair onto a single strand of a hair to create an enchanting effect, and it can last for months. Fairy Hair can even be treated like real hair. You can comb it, blow it dry, curl it, or do whatever you do with your own hair.

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Bubbles are a timeless entertainment! They dance on the breeze like floating crystals and captivate all who gaze upon them.

Bubbles are beautiful to watch as they blow with the wind! Children just love playing with bubbles!

Our bubble artist creates giant, iridescent bubbles perfect for admiring, chasing, and popping.

They’re ideal for outdoor parties, festivals or anywhere there’s a crowd.

Please note that our artist has no control over where the bubbles float so they shouldn’t be stationed near any food or expensive equipment!

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Balloon Photo Frame

Balloon photo frames are an irresistible hit at any event because they are easy to use and create instant fun.

Photo frames are free-standing, so once it’s set up, guests will quickly find it and enjoy snapping photos of their families and friends. Then they’ll post those images, creating happy memories and a lasting impression of the event.

We offer different sized photo frames that can accommodate small or large groups, and we can coordinate the colors of the balloons to match your event colors. We also carry balloon numbers and letters to spell out any special messages.

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Live caricatures are an excellent party entertainment idea because they not only are they a unique form of entertainment, but also because guests receive an awesome gift to take home!

Our talented caricature artists hand-draw stunning artwork, capturing your guests’ likeness with fun and whimsy, and create memorable caricatures for any special occasion, festival or party.

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