Organic Balloon Garlands

Organic Balloon Garlands

Beautifully whimsical. Elegant and playful. Organic balloon garlands are the hottest trend in balloon decor, and we have made hundreds of them, for all kinds of occasions.

Whether you’re looking to transform a fireplace for a bridal shower, a bay window for a baby shower, the balcony of your home for a birthday party, or even your corporate office for a grand opening or special sale, we’re here to help you find what you’re looking for.

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Choosing the Right Organic Balloon Garland for You

There are many ways to contstruct organic garlands, so we offer the following guide to get you started.

1. Pick the style you want. The style is based on what size balloons we use. We have small, medium and large balloons available and how we incorporate them depends on what style of garland we’re creating.

2. Pick the size you want. Our garlands start at 12 feet long, which is the most common size we make, but we can make a garland longer if that’s what you need.

3. Pick your colors. The best looking garlands are made with 3 to 6 colors.

4. Decide where you want it installed. Please note that we do not attach balloon garlands directly to walls, but in those cases we would build the garland on a frame.

5. Do you need a backdrop? We carry black curtains and white curtains that we hang from a frame, to which we then attach the garland. Or you can use your own backdrop.

Pick Your Style and Size

We offer 3 different styles of organic garland, the Traditional, The Deluxe, and the Premium. Please read the descriptions below to help you decide which style of garland is best for you. Our garlands start at 12-feet in length, but can be made longer.

The Traditional

This style uses 11” balloons inflated to a variety of different sizes. It’s built in our workshop and delivered to your venue, where we will install it. A 12′ Traditional garland is $249, not including delivery/installation.

The Deluxe

This style starts with the Traditional Organic Garland but includes 5” and 16” to 18″ balloons to add additional depth to the overall design. This style can be started in our workshop and delivered, but will require additional inflation and building onsite.  A 12′ Deluxe garland is $299, not including delivery/installation.

The Premium

This style starts with the Deluxe Organic Garland but includes 24” and/or 36” balloons for an incredible WOW! factor. This style is built and installed onsite. A 12′ Premium garland is $349, not including delivery/installation.

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Pick Your Colors

Whatever your color scheme, we’ll do our best to match it.

We carry a lots of different colored balloons, including multiple shades of many colors.

In our experience, organic garlands that have at least 3 different colors, but no more than 6, are the most stunning and unforgettable.

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We recommend organic garlands be installed indoors, because cooler, inside temperatures will allow the balloons to look nicest and survive longest.

However, we are happy to set up garlands outside, and use the best quality outdoor balloons available. Please keep in mind that balloons, especially dark colors, soak up heat and will pop if left in direct sunlight. So, from mid-May through September organic garlands installed outdoors will look best and last longest in completely shaded/covered areas.

Attaching balloon garlands to structures

We do not attach garlands directly to walls, and in our experience command strips are not strong enough to hold a garland in place.

We use push pins to attach organic garlands to windows or doorways with wood frames, because they are hidden and don’t leave large holes in the framework.

If we’re installing a garland over a fireplace, you will need to have small nails or hooks already in place.

Using a frame

Organic garlands that don’t have convenient places for attachment can be installed on a frame.

We can use either a partial frame, which has a single pole on the ground, or we can use a full frame and drape the garland across the top.


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If your garland needs it’s own frame, because there isn’t a good installation option at your venue, we can provide our standard backdrop frame.

If you don’t have your own backdrop we can add either our white or our black curtains.

If you have your own step-n-repeat backdrop, it can be added to our frame (assuming it’s got grommets or a large enough pocket).  We may need to place a small hole in your backdrop to attach the garland to the frame.


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Organic Garland Walls

Organic balloon garland walls are a great way to enhance a space and offer photo opportunities.


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I cannot say enough good things about Balloonopolis and their customer service! I have used them many times and every single time they come through with exactly what I want! They have done events for me from birthday parties to baby showers. I know that when I send them an inspiration picture they will do exactly that! I will continue to use them for their phenomenal customer service and great balloon work that they do. I can’t imagine having an event and not having a balloon garland from them. Thank you for making life’s special moments picture perfect, Balloonopolis!


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We look forward to working with you.